Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not The First Time

So... I'm blogging again. I used to have one but it did not prosper simply because I got too damn lazy! Then I got sucked into social networking then found Twitter and got sucked into this microblogging site. Me (lazy blogger) + Twitter (140 char tweets) = Perfect Combination! So why blog when you can tweet? WRONG. I now realize that there is so much information (like how I torture my husband at home & kick his ass in bowling) that I come across that I wanna share with unknown, possibly nonexistent audience. And I would NEED more that 140 characters. Thus, the birth of this blog. So, why "Mrs. Ober Da Bakod?" Check out the Mister's first blog. Yes! I forced (read: pointed a gun to his head) him to do his own blog too.

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