Saturday, December 24, 2011

How Dumpster Diving Made Me A Celebrity

OK. Maybe not celebrity but I MADE THE NEWS! Not the 30-min-car-chase kind of NEWS but I was mentioned in today's morning TV newscast. Yesterday, after coming home early from work I noticed that one of our trash cans in my apartment building was open. And if you know me, that shit annoys me. So as I was closing the bin I noticed a bunch (like a hundred) of cards inside. They were all addressed and labeled without stamps. I saw one of the envelopes opened so I looked inside and realized they were holiday cards. I thought that it was weird that the cards were in the trash unless of course they decided to cancel CHRISTMAS. I took one of the opened cards to show my husband when he got home because the card was pretty entertaining. I thought the woman was familiar but I couldn't figure out where I saw her or how I know her. I didn't think about consulting Google until my husband came home. He googled her and yes of course the woman is Wendy Burch the reporter from KTLA 5. But that's not how I know her. See I'm a huge fan of the reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I follow every single one of the women on the show on Twitter. Adrienne Maloof is one of them and she is a very good friend of Wendy. I've seen Wendy on one episode of RHOBH and I've also seen her name pop up every now and then on Adrienne's twitter. So now that I put two and two together, I reached out to Wendy on twitter and told her I found a bunch of her cards. She immediately responded and said they were stolen from her car. Seriously? Why would people do that? I asked if she wanted them back because if she did I was going to dig out the trash and retrieve all the cards. I don't normally dig through trash but it's Christmas and I'm a good person (yeah right!) so sure WHY NOT? After exchanging a couple messages and phone numbers on Twitter she said she would come in the morning to pick up her cards and that she would talk about me in her show (video below or here). WHOA?! Are you serious? I mean I didn't wanna sound all excited but I made sure I recorded her show and I was awake at 6am to watch it.

My husband and I met Wendy this morning and we found out we live right next to each other. She's a really nice person and I am just happy that she got all her holiday cards back. She now calls me her CARD ANGEL. Angel? Me? Ok. Sure. I'll take it. So what's next for me? After this I'll probably star in my own reality TV show. Stay tuned!

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