Friday, October 2, 2009

Bizarre Foods with Mrs. Ober Da Bakod

Bizarre is a french word that means "odd" or "fantastic". Bizarre and food together mean Fear Factor material or something Andrew Zimmern will eat. Reading the hubby's latest blog topic brought back memories of life & food in the Philippines. When I saw Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern Philippines Edition, I laughed. I laughed because I ate almost everything he ate (except for the worm & crickets). Sure we are famous for our adobo and lechon (Anthony Bourdain said it's the best he's ever had) but what makes us even popular are the "weird" foods I am about to tell you. And, YES I have tried them all.

Balut (Duck Embryo)
Why it's COOL: It has been featured/used on Fear Factor as a means to disgust contestants. It is traditionally considered as an aphrodisiac (I cannot confirm this).
Why it's UNCOOL: People who see or eat this the first time think they are Feasting on Aborted Fetus. Cmon.. it's duck not human.

One Day Old Chick (and other popular street foods)
Why it's COOL: It's a popular street food. Tiny & crispy. You won't even know it's a baby chicken.
Why it's UNCOOL: Please refer to Balut.

Pig (The Unused Parts/Organs)
Why it's COOL: Nothing goes to waste. Name it, I've tried it. Heart? Rubbery. Liver? Tough. Intestines? Chewy! Tail? Tough. Ears? It's like al dente pasta. Blood? Bloody-licious.
Why it's UNCOOL: Sorry, there are no LEFTOVERS. Keep your ziploc & brown bags at home.

Dog Meat
Why it's COOL: It really doesn't taste like your pet.
Why it's UNCOOL: A dog is a man's best friend.

Why it's COOL: It's the KING of fruits.
Why it's UNCOOL: It's fucking disgusting. WILL. NEVER. TRY. AGAIN.

Salted Dried Fish
Why it's COOL: It's fish therefore It's healthy.
Why it's UNCOOL: It stinks when cooked. Seriously. Your neighbors will call 911.

Salted Fermented Fish and/or Shrimp Paste

Why it's COOL: Synonymous to Anchovies. Not really. Kind of.
Why it's UNCOOL: Should I describe how it's made? Google it.

Why it's COOL: It tastes like chicken.
Why it's UNCOOL: Think about eating Kermit The Frog or Kerokerokeroppi. Too cute to eat.

Traditional Filipino cuisine is not as colorful, artistic & famous as French or Japanese. Like the Filipinos, it is a mixture of different cultures which makes it unique & irresistible.

***Because I like Bizarre foods & I am exotic, Brian & I decided that if and when we decide to join the Amazing Race, I will do all the eating.***

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