Thursday, October 15, 2009

What can brown do for you?

I borrowed the title of this blog from UPS' very popular ad campaign. I, however will not talk about the cool peeps of UPS. Brown refers to my fellow pinoys. Just like UPS I'd like to think that most Filipinos are hardworking people and they have a lot to offer. Some Americans or foreigners don't notice it but they probably encounter a Filipino everyday in their life.

The Nurse
They are considered the unsung heroes of America. They are all over the States. Every Filipino knows or is related to a nurse and every hospital has at least one Filipino nurse on board. Remember Octomom? She had a 52-member labor & delivery team composed of mostly Filipinos.

The Caregiver
My boss' mother is being taken care of by a Filipino caregiver. She stays with her 24hrs a day, 6 days a week. In Beverly Hills, almost every old, rich person has a Filipino caregiver. They are perfect for this job because Filipinos are caring, patient and very respectful to the elders. So next time you see a Filipino, be nice to them because when you get old they could be the one taking care of you.

The Physical Therapist
These are some of my friends who can make or break your bones... so be nice to me! (I hope they still want to be my friends after stealing and posting this photo)

The Customer Service Representative
OK. So you can't figure out why your internet and cable don't work. You call your cable company's 1-800 hotline. Ashley or Joshua answers the phone and helps you. The hotline connects you straight to the Philippines. Ashley's real name is actually Maribel. Joshua's real name is Fortunato. Their names are made to sound more Western because they mainly cater to US, UK & other western countries. The Filipinos' edge is their ability to speak English -- very GOOD English. The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking country in the world and that gives them the competitive advantage. The typical call center agent can mimic any American accent from any US region.

The Cruise Ship Crew
Earlier this year the hubby & I went on a cruise with his family where we met a lot of Filipinos. The ship's staff is 60% Filipino. I had a chance to talk to some of them and they all say one thing -- life at sea is not easy. They work 10 straight months & spend 2 months back home. The pay is not that big but board & lodging, food & uniform are free & health insurance is included. Despite the low pay, they manage to support their families in the Philippines and send their kids to school. Joseph, our cabin steward is awesome! He made sure our group's rooms are clean. everyday. I think that we were treated like VIPs because of the Filipino connection. It only gets better when the bar tender is Filipino (Hello?! Alcoholic in da haus!) and the staff gives you first hand gossip about celebrities on the ship. If you ask my opinion, they are the real unsung heroes.

Who doesn't love Journey? Who doesn't love the fact that the new lead singer sounds like Steve Perry? Arnel Pineda -- the small town boy who was discovered through Youtube.

The Chef
Who feeds the Most Powerful Man in the world? Cristeta Comerford, executive chef of The White House. So in reality (minus Secret Agents & food tasters) the life & health of President Obama & his family are in the hands of a kababayan.

She brings color into a very white family!

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