Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football, Marriage and Teamwork

It's football season again. Whether I like it or not I am forced to participate in Brian's football psycho-ness. If there is one thing I learned from watching football, it is TEAMWORK. Different individuals with different abilities put their efforts together to achieve a common goal. Marriage is the same thing. I'm no superwoman. Brian is no superman either (although sometimes he thinks he is). At home we split the housework and agree on who does what.

Gem sorts.
Brian loads machines.
Brian plays XBOX game.
Brian unloads machines.
Brian resumes XBOX game.
Gem folds (yeah I have a certain way of folding & this is not negotiable).
Gem puts everything in closet (unless they have to be put away somewhere really high).

Gem goes to the store.
Gem preps all ingredients.
Gem cooks.
Gem eats.
Brian eats more.
Brian takes all dirty dishes, pots & pans in the sink.
Gem sits on couch.
Gem tweets.
Brian watches TV (dirty dishes are still in sink)
Gem reminds Brian to clean the dishes.
Brian says "Yes, babe!"
Gem updates FB.
Gem watches her TV shows.
Gem reminds Brian (for the 2nd time) to clean the dishes.
Brian says "I'll do it after one game of XBOX".
Five games after, Gem reminds Brian about the dishes. She is now pissed.
Brian promises to do the dishes before going to bed.
Gem goes to bed.
Gem is snoring.
Brian finally cleans the dishes.

Brian helps move all the furniture.
Gem vacuums.
Gem dusts.
Gem mops the kitchen & bathroom floor.
Brian cleans the toilet.
Gem bitches about how she hates cleaning.
Brian tells Gem to shut up & finish cleaning.

Shopping & Bills (simply put):
Brian pays bills.
Gem goes shopping with Brian's money.

And that Ladies & Gentlemen is how we keep our home nag-free zone.

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