Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hmmm...wonder where I'll go next...

I love traveling. Whether it's for business or pleasure, just the thought of going to a new place excites me. I like meeting new people, eating local delicacies, seeing cities that are built differently and landscapes I've never seen before. My love for travel started when I was a kid. Then my last two jobs in the Philippines required me to hop in planes, stay in kick ass hotels and BS clients. A special shout out to Acer Philippines (now Wistron) and Watson Wyatt for the free travels & the opportunity. You rock!

Here's a list of places I've been and some highlights of the trip.


Highlights: First in everything. First travel abroad. First plane ride. First time to use chopsticks. First time to eat octopus. First time to order Coke in Chinese.

Hong Kong (the first time)
Highlights: I got in a fight with a lady who sells thongs. Apparently, if you're not buying then you can't touch the item. This photo was taken a few minutes before we had our yelling match.

Hongkong (after the first time)
Highlights: The second, third, fourth & fifth time I was able to earn enough miles to travel to Hongkong for free. Still waiting for the perfect time to use it. Who wants to go with me?

Highlights: I conquered my greatest fear. Snakes!

Highlights: Big Ben is not a guy. London Bridge is in Arizona. The bridge in London is called Tower Bridge. Both bridges are NOT falling down.
First time I flew First Class. Thank you Cathay Pacific!


Highlights: I love, love Barcelona -- food, architecture, culture and people. Yes people! Someone flashed me and grabbed my ass. Also, naked beach.

Highlights: We paid 40euros to tour the city on a carriage. It was rough but it was worth it. The city is beautiful and there are ruins that are older than the pyramids.

Highlights: 121 photos at the Leaning Tower of Pisa from our cruise earlier this year. I only posted 73. Yes I am a camera, picture, leaning tower whore.

Highlights: Climb 463 steps up (no elevator) and you get a spectacular view of Florence and the Tuscan hills. So worth it!

Highlights: I saw a gladiator. The Colosseum is pretty darn cool! There are fountains everywhere! Beware of pick pockets.

Highlights: Now I know where the Pope lives. St. Peter's Basilica is HUGEEE. It can hold 60,000 people inside. Beware of pick pockets too. Those assholes don't care whether you're in a church or not.

Highlights: I'm totally diggin' this. No pun intended. This partially buried Roman town is BIG. Get a map coz we got lost finding the exit.
If you're into digging, take a shovel and join the digging club.

Highlights: Say CHEESE! Yeah so I watched a woman make cheese.

Monte Carlo, Monaco & Cannes
Highlights: I saw the hospital where Angelina gave birth to the twins. Saw the roof of the house of the King of Denmark (I think). Saw Tina Turner and Richard Gere's houses (just the side). Saw Vanessa Paradis filming a movie (I think the title is Heartbreaker). Oh and there's the cute medieval town called Eze. It's the playground of the Rich & Famous. If you're not rich & famous you do not belong here.

I don't know where my next destination will be. I have Greece, Egypt, Paris, Australia, Tallin, Japan and Germany in mind. I also have this dream of going back to Barcelona and Florence someday. For now I am happy at home sitting on my couch daydreaming. Till then...

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