Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dating (The Filipino Way vs The American Way)

This is when my life gets really interesting. Dating is a challenge. If I look at my dating history (in America only), I feel like I need to write a whole blog about it. I've dated a lot of interesting & NOT SO interesting men. If there was a job opening for a Dating Guru, my dating experience will definitely get me that job. Allow me to share what I've learned from dating in America and how it compares to what I am accustomed to.

***This post is not meant to offend american guys. These are all based on my observations & dating experiences.***

The Filipino Way: If a man sees a lady he likes he would seek out the help of a friend or a family member to get her name and number. He then asks the permission of the girl's father whether he can visit her at home. The ardent suitor patiently pursues the girl of his dreams. This is the gentleman thing to do. The parents can approve or disapprove of the suitor. There is no physical contact such as kissing & holding hands at this point.

The American Way:
You snooze, you lose. Courtship? What is that? If a man sees a lady he likes, he gets her name, number and arranges a date ASAP. He is not interested in meeting the parents right away and is more interested in the physical contact at this point.

The Filipino Way: In order to show that the man is serious with his intentions to a woman, the man sings a love song in front of the young lady's house. The man or one of his friends usually plays the guitar to provide background music to his song.

The American Way: Guitar Hero or reciting the alphabet backwards during a sobriety test.

Love Letters
The Filipino Way: Poetic writing is a sweet way of winning a woman's heart.
The American Way: Post It!

Who pays?
The Filipino Way: The man pays even if it's the woman's idea to go out.
The American Way: Whoever did the asking. Tip: If you don't wanna pay, don't ask.

Physical contact (Kissing & Holding Hands)
The Filipino Way: Usually happens after the courtship -- when the woman finally accepts the man as her boyfriend.
The American Way: Usually happens after the woman had a few drinks -- when she has lost all inhibitions.

The Filipino Way: Traditionally, most couples save themselves until the night of the wedding.
The American Way: Traditionally, the men (the responsible ones at least) always carry condoms in their wallets because they never know when they are getting laid.

Dating especially in a city like LA is not easy. It is expensive, risky and just like in real estate -- it's all about location, location, location. You have to be where the action is. I guess that I got tired of dating that when I met the hubby I tricked him in thinking that I am the girl of his dreams.


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